February 1, 2013

Just Another Day In The Hood

Out shootin’ some hoops
Then down on the front stoop
Just chillin’ with my homies
My fellahs here that know me

Sippin’ on a grape drink
Too tired to even think
Feeling good in the hood
Just the way life should

When some scamma from Alabama
Playin’ a bad mamma-jamma
Comes steppin’ with a limp and
Straight-up thrift-shop pimpin’

Brother’s rollin’ with no posse
At least none that I see
Gold tooth flash an’ talkin’ trash
Don’t know we ‘bout to thrash him

So I stand up, and I say- What’s up?
Who you think you are, bru’?
Comin’ by struttin’ and cuttin’
When we know you ain’t nothin’

All finesse an’ style, he flashes a smile, says -
I ain’t had to whoop no one’s ass in awhile
Then he stands all straight and tall
Like he ain’t afraid to fall

And I’m ‘bout to do him some harm
But then my homies grabbed my arm
Said - Don’t mess with that brother
‘Cause he ain’t  like no other

I gotta explain, he ain’t right in the brain!
That brother crazy! He killed Big Shane!
Best you just let him pass on by
Less'n you is fixin’ to die!

The man cocked his hat, smiling like a rat
Waitin’ to see what I thought of that
I been ‘round the hood long enough to know
When to stop and when to go

I ain’t never ran, ain’t scared of no man
I whooped more ass than Jackie Chan
But my homies know me like a song
I know they’d never do me wrong

So I sit back down, starin’ at the ground
And we let the man carry on downtown
I heard him say, before he walked away –
Your homies done saved your life today

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