March 4, 2014

The Tale Wags The Dogma

Who let that idiot get on camera?
Who gave that nut a microphone?
Who put that bigot up on the stage?
Who gave that mouse a megaphone?

Who let that idiot have a talk show?
Who gave that nut a chance to run?
Who put that bigot on the podium?
Who gave that mouse an assault gun?

March 3, 2014


Confidence bold
Then hot and cold
Deep and profound
But clowns around
Without a clue
Then hip to you

Youth green and gold
But growing old
Tied safe and sound
Then came unwound
Righteous and true
But selfish too

February 28, 2014

Missed Message

Some people think poets walk with their heads in the clouds
Drifting through life filled with fanciful notions, not in reality

Some people think poets wear their hearts on their sleeves
So easily swept away by some kind gesture, or a pretty face

Some people think poets get carried away with their anger
Raging against stuff beyond their control, even death itself

Some people think poets swoon over things like the sun rising
Too ready to surrender all, too willing to let themselves fall

Some people think poets live for wading through pools of despair
Wallowing in self-pity, wildly exaggerating their every heartache

But poets think people simply don’t understand life’s mystery
Despite how often, or how desperately, poets try to explain it

At A Loss

I’m not sure where to go
Not sure what I should do
Just stuck here in limbo

Wasn’t there a man?
Isn’t there some plan?
What does this all mean?

I thought there’d come a day
When I would know the way
But still no path is evident

Who’s writing this story?
What is the key to glory?
How will it all end?

February 26, 2014


A pretense of poetry
The world in a word
Capture the instant
Crystallize emotion

Painting big bridges
In small brush strokes

Yet the secret remains
We fill-in the rest
With our hearts
And in our heads