January 31, 2013

Liberty Whispering

A man on my TV
Told me of atrocities
Quite disturbingly
On video to see

Though way over the sea
So far away from me
I couldn’t help but be
Moved by their pleas

People on their knees
Or simply trying to flee
From their own countries
But why must this be?

Can you sense the breeze
Whispering through the trees?
Beckoning for us to seize
This somber opportunity

To change minds is the key
To teach each one of us to see
That we all deserve sweet liberty
To live our lives happy and free


  1. Being Poetically Pensive these days Eric....

  2. I hope someday we will all be happy and free, but it seems like there is always somewhere that is less happy, less free... and it could shift here someday if you ask me.

    Quite a thought provoking poem. :)

  3. it is so hard to watch the news. sometimes I feel so helpless. except for prayer. I can always pray.


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