January 25, 2012

The Essence of Change

The essence of change comes from inside. Changing the superficial does not change the essential, just as changing the superficial you does not change the essential you.  You can’t erase inner flaws with a new outfit.  You can’t overcome lack of personality by getting a tattoo.  You don’t become a new person just by changing your hair.

For real change, you need to work on the inside.  Find the things that limit you, the roadblocks to becoming a better person.  Remove that which keeps you from being helpful and honest and good.  Nurture that which brings you peace of mind.  And the changes inside will be reflected on the outside.


  1. What a great reminder to start the day with, Eric! This is terrific! Thank you! Hope you have wonderful day!


  2. Another key to change is understanding that you mightn't be able to change the things you want to ... or that in seeking to change one thing there may be unintended and unforeseen knock on consequences.

    Shit. That's no reason not to try though don't you think?

    Life's all about risk I guess. I think sometimes the biggest changes of all come when we stop pretending to be what we aren't. That's always a good place to start.

    xx Jos


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