January 24, 2012

Bad Joke Time

Jade was a hooker who would pretend to be a dog walker so the cops wouldn’t hassle her.  She always had two or three dogs on leashes while she was working.  She would get new dogs once in awhile so the cops wouldn’t wise-up.

Gabe was a older guy who was a regular trick of Jade’s.  He was always nice to her and her dogs.  But he had a hard time remembering the names of the dogs, since she was always getting new ones.  This irritated Jade, since it was part of her cover, and she liked dogs, but he was a good customer so she wouldn’t say anything.

One day Gabe found Jade walking her usual route with a couple of dogs.  He came up and, as usual, started off by making friends with the dogs.  He patted their heads and said, “That’s a good boy, Spike… there’s a good girl, Sadie.”

Jade was irked and said, “This isn’t Spike and Sadie, it’s Frenchie and Bella!  Honestly, you always get the names wrong.  You saw them just two days ago!  Why can’t you remember their names?”

Gabe replied, “You know what they say…
You can’t teach an old trick new dogs.

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