January 26, 2012

Hoist The Sails

Singing songs of sailing ships
Whaling shanties bold and loud
Though I’m not a-sea at all
Just a-struggle in a crowd

Drifting in an online sea
Aboard this tiny blog-ship
The wind is good, my sails full
The waves rise high and then dip

I know not where I’m headed
My old compass is failing
I don’t mind my map is blank
I’m glad just to be sailing


  1. I enjoyed the rocking, rhythm in your poem .. Stafford Ray will enjoy this too!

  2. just a struggle in a crowd

    Aren't we all! Glad to be sailing too. Wish it were literal. Since my dad got too old to sail and sold his share in the Islander, I've not been on the water. It's been way too long!

  3. This is terrific, Eric! And, oh, how glad I am to be sailing, too! Great reminder for the day! Enjoy!



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