November 23, 2011

New Film

The creative minds behind Napoleon Dynamite have teamed up with the masters of the modern martial arts film to create an unforgettable experience…

Crouching Liger, Hidden Chapstick

The film catches up with Napoleon just after graduating high school.  While working at his part-time job at Burger Barn, he meets a learned martial artist named Yu Go, who seeks Napoleon’s help in returning a legendary teaching scroll to its rightful place at the far away Temple of the Four Winds.  But to get there, they must face a powerful evil lord, Wang Dong, who seeks to learn the fighting secrets hidden within the scroll. 

Will Napoleon follow his heart?  Or will getting free tater tots at Burger Barn keep him from discovering his destiny as a true Kung-Fu master?  Find out in….

Crouching Liger, Hidden Chapstick

Coming to a theatre near you this December!


  1. I hope this is true and not a spoof. Although it took a few viewings, I came to like ND. Try Kung Pow Enter the Fist....


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