November 28, 2011

To Helen’s Killer

Disregarding others was always

Safer for you than learning to care

Taking advantage of people was

The fastest way to get ahead

Preying on the innocent was

Easier than bettering yourself

All darkness needed to win was

For you to let your light grow dim

Theft and murder were simple

Once you felt self-justified

Read this News Item to see what prompted this post.  My wife worked with this lady and we've known her a long time.  She was a sweet lady and did not deserve this.  Nobody does.


  1. self-justification/justified anger is def a killer

  2. It amazes me what people feel is their right to take. Innocence. Life. How can these ever be commodities for the taking. Ugh.

  3. That is the most horrendous of crimes.

  4. Such sadness as befits the horror of this kind of crime. How can people end the lives of others? It makes me sorrowful, too.

  5. how horrific. i am so sorry to hear this.


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