September 22, 2011

Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue

Blue meeting blue
water and sky
I see myself
there in your eye

You’re reflected
when I look back
as blue turns black

A quick embrace
and then we part
I turn to face
my broken heart

Why can’t we be
like that?  I sigh
Just like the sea
kissing the sky


  1. I want to be in a boat on the water. That is THE THING about does seem as if the sky and sea meet and there's nothing to distract them from each other.

  2. Oooh, what a luscious photo! You're making me want to head to my river, the mighty Red River, to take photos. Great post!! xo

  3. nice....great shot and really like those last couple lines...

  4. Nice image and sentiment, and really snappy rhyme!

  5. Nice picture. I would love to be there. It goes perfect with your words.

  6. Why can't we be like that ... I sigh Just like the sea kissing the sky.

    Very, very nice image! (the words and the photo)


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