June 15, 2011

I Used To Write All In Blue

I used to write all in blue
But it kinda felt that way too

I then tried writing all in red
But found myself yelling instead

I calmed down and tried all yellow
But found that it was just too mellow

I then switched over to all black
But that was just the wrong track

I also gave all purple a shot
But it just didn’t look so hot

I thought of trying all orange too
But found it just would not do

I finally tried writing in all green
And it was the best color I’d seen

And so with all green I will stay
And let all green guide my way


  1. Life lessons from Crayola. All I ever learned, I learned in color :)

  2. well arent you colorful is good, life....

  3. Very creative and colourful post ~ love it!

  4. This is so cheery...:) Thanks for the pick me up.

  5. Congratulation! For your great efforts. Keep it up.

  6. Nice...I like blue myself, but green's good too.. :)

  7. I'm a red guy with green feet... hmmm that sounds kinda gross... I'll just leave it at a green big toe. hahah

  8. Just plain fun... and an affirmation of my favorite color, as indicated by my eyes! ;-)

  9. I like it! Green is the color of heart energy too (anahata) and compassion...excellent choice.

  10. It's amazing the way colour affects our mood isn't it? My favourite most peaceful colour is periwinkle blue. My youngest child seems to have inherited sensitivity to colours also. When she was little if she saw an ugly shade of green on a vehicle she claimed it gave her a
    headick!(Headache)She also saw two Volkswagon beetles in someone's driveway one time and said she was going to have them when she grew up. "You can't drive two cars at the same time" I said. She looked at me as if I were so slow and said: "I'll drive them when I'm in different moods!" (My friends said she came by this honestly...)

  11. Go Green!

    Inventive work. While reading this Eric I thought wow, your concept could probably make a great children's book. Can imagine this illustrated and read at story time—as didactic poetry.

  12. Very colorful and ending with green; a great choice for life, living, positivity, energy... I love the peacefulness of green. :)

  13. Very creative use of colours, just added that much more depth, nice.

  14. Aaah...nice!! The color of freshness and fertility! As long as it doesn't become the color of envy, it's all good.. ;-)

    LOVE your way with colorful words, Eric.. your poems are a delight to the senses!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

  15. great children's poem. colorful and poignant.

  16. Lovely poem for children I enjoyed reading this piece

  17. Cute, very good, thank you for read.

  18. colorful and playful, fitting for children as well.


  19. Very cute =) I write in black but red's my favorite color


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