June 16, 2011

Life In-Between

I don’t remember how I got here.

And don’t know when I’ll have to go.

But neither end is really important.

It’s all this middle that matters so.


  1. So true. I like what Louis L'Amour said about education, how it's like a coloring book given to you, it has all the lines, but you must fill in the colors.

  2. Hey...thought you were only writing green from now on. I'm so confused :)

    A line from a song my son wrote: "Scratch like a record player. Listen to the music. Never let tomorrow play in front of what you're doin'."

  3. I do feel that way sometimes ~

    Thanks for this~

  4. Great, What an easy & simple way to explore the feeling..I hope you’ll keep on blogging…

  5. Amazing wisdom in four short lines. Beautiful! :)


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