April 15, 2011

Morning Ride

Meet me in the morning
and we'll go for a ride

Bring the car around
and let us slip inside

First we'll take her easy
take it nice and slow

Once she's warmed up
we'll hit the gas and go

Up, down, all around
handling every curve

Faster now, holy cow
leaning as we swerve

The view is so lovely
first thing in the morn'

Driving hard, we go so far
start laying on the horn

Gradually we start to slow
'til we run out of gas

I love to start my day this way
with you, my bonnie lass


  1. I am singing 'come away with me Lucille .....'

  2. A great way to spend a morning - and all this without leaving the bed. If one were to draw the metaphor ;)

  3. Lovely Sunday drive. So romantic!

  4. A nice comparison and presentation of your emotions.

  5. Whew! This sure was hot considering it was a drive, right? Very sensual, more so because it didn't come out and say.

  6. I love the rhythm and play of words.

    I imagine singing your poem in my mind - lovely work~


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