April 15, 2011


I’ve got a two-leaf clover
My horseshoe came untied
I always fall short of seven
Bad luck won’t be denied

My rabbit foot has a hang-nail
I’m holding eights and aces
There’s a hole in my dream-catcher
and my gold tooth needs braces

I cannot see my shooting star
that burned out long ago
I’m running now in thirteenth place
behind from the word ‘Go’

I walk under high ladders
and I’m always getting colder
I’ve never thrown a pinch of salt
spilled over my left shoulder

My path's been crossed many times
by many a black cat
I walk around with two left feet
stepping on many a crack

I break a mirror once a year
A thousand shards so sharp
Some day, when I’ve passed away
I won’t be playing the harp


  1. ha fun verse in a sick kinda way...i will not be asking you for your lottery numbers...smiles.

  2. Excellent! As always!...You are so talented ;~}___=^..^=___Kittie

  3. Eric,
    I'm sure it is all just in the words, your bad luck that is.
    You have made me smile while I read your poem!

    The very best of luck for tomorrow!

  4. I feel that way on many days.

  5. lol, how fun was this! very good, eric.

  6. Awesome poem! Love the luck theme. Sorry I haven't been over to visit mmuch... I'm doing NaPoWriMo. I'm not used to this one a day stuff like you. :)


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