April 15, 2011

My Typing 55 (w.p.m.)

My typing is mediocre at best, but is sometimes amusing…

I double-clutch on the wrong letters: “cheery” becomes “cherry”.

I always re-type “because” because I mess it up as “becasue”.

I miss the “L” key frequently, leaving a semi-colon in its place.

“Thigh” becomes “thight” or “though” becomes “thought”
from my unintentional “t” additions.


  1. ha. yeah i add a t often typing is surely not the best...

  2. Misspelling Twitter is my downfall... (eg. titter, shitter) Still, you probably type better than I do.

  3. LOL... dustus, somehow I think titter and shitter were put in for comic effect (affect?) Well, whichever, thanks for the morning laugh! Well... I can type 85+ words a minute with few errors! But don't ask what else I can do well.. it aint much! :)

  4. lol - typos are the best part of typing :)

  5. My cherry becomes cheery .... I'm serious.

  6. What bugs me is my weird spelling obsessions--no matter how many times I use the word occasionally, I always put in a double 'S'--every time! Even this time! At least I've finally conditioned myself to go back and take it out. And my typos are, scary. Definitely a 55 I can relate to.

  7. Bubba...
    When you are 28 WPM such as myself you dnt have to qorry about mastakes!!
    Loaved tour 55 My Fiend!
    Thanks for praying, and have a Lick Ass Week-End

  8. lolsss
    my without become withought!

    I hate when people say "there" instead of "their" or the opposite..


    Weekend Hugs xx

  9. Me too. And that's without the spelling mistakes.

    - Alice

  10. Oh my have sausage fingers, just like me!


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