March 2, 2011

In The Midst of The Night

In the midst of the night
when the moon is so bright
and all of your feelings lay bare

The hard armor is gone
that you wear all day long
open to thoughts that may tear

You can’t turn away
as your heart has its say
no matter how hard it may hurt you

And you can’t even try
to debate or deny
the things that you wish weren’t true

So you lie awake
and you cry and you ache
from pains of your own devising

But after awhile
you’ll stop and you’ll smile
as you see that the sun is still rising

(I was gonna call this one "In The Middle of The Night" but Billy Joel said he'd sue me)


  1. smiles. yes the sun ever answers its promise to return...and i will not drop any 4 letter words here today...intentionally at least...smiles.

    unless you count...


  2. everything looks better in the light of a new day.

  3. for sure has its say...
    Great one Eric!

  4. Eric Bubba -- your rhymes flow in perfectly pleasing meter.

    And your heart flows deep and true!

    P.S. If you right-click on the sidebar button I made you, you can save it. I am not sure how blogger coding works tho, sorry, for you to display it on your blogs.

    Your second button, whenever that shall be, will be even cuter!


  5. Nicely done, Eric, your rhyming is so smooth.


  6. Damn! Reminds me of those dreaded moments before you go to sleep when the idea of sleeping somehow makes you think about going to rest and you feel a mini campaign in your head about all that you haven't done yet before you die. You wake up and it's like you got a second lease. Hopefully, we answer the second lease on life or else we reenact that dread all over at bedtime again and again. Very well done, Bubba.

  7. hey -- me again. I see one of my commenters had written this on my blog post for your benefit...

    "Yes in Blogger you can save the pic, then attach a link to it in the editor window. The code would then show in the HTML editor version next to the compose option on top of the editor text box."

    Hope it helps?


  8. I hate those days. Always glad for the fresh starts mornings bring. today was one.

  9. Hmmm. You mean people can sue you for that? Uh oh.

    Excuse me while I go retitle 400+ blog posts... :)

    PS - nice rhythm, Eric. I liked this one. :)

  10. So you lie awake
    and you cry and you ache
    from pains of your own devising

    I can totally relate to this .. And am glad the phase has passed now ..

  11. the sun is still rising ~

    nice one night the heart does indeed, has its say!

  12. Well said like a ditty or song. The sun keeps on rising regardless, thank goodness.

  13. Some times the darkness combines with my insecurity and fear to create a might force. Fortunately, I can, after an accumulation of years, remind myself that morning light will vanquish the foe.


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