March 2, 2011

The Ascension of The Goddess

I: Jewel

A young and fiery spirit light
Got trapped inside a jewel bright

The one who trapped her was cruel and crass
He drained her love into his broken glass

Dark and heartless were his ways
Captive, loveless were her days

His hateful spites were often told
Her once-bright glow was growing cold

But one day there came a ray of hope
The sound of sweet freedom, one note

One breath of life for her fiery glow
Her radiant spirit once more did grow

She sprouted wings that beat so fast
Her flight to freedom made at last

II: Hummingbird

Bright-eyed, beautiful
Hovering, finely balanced
Finally flying

III: Phoenix

The hummingbird flew far and fast
And found an autumn forest at last

The woods came alive all around
The spirits spoke without a sound

Her glow then grew much brighter
Engulfing, starting to ignite her

She dropped to the ground in a pile of ash
Slowly she rose up, now changed by the flash

She spread her great wings and took flight anew
A fiery red sky-trail behind as she flew

IV: Goddess

The Phoenix soared across the heavens, lighting up the skies
Atop a cold mountain top she paused, sensing a call of power

She opened her heart and mind and a voice filled her mind
Saying that her penance was paid and reward thus given

The Phoenix bowed graciously, grateful for the gift she’d received
But her heart pounded with fervor and she needed something more
For there was an imbalance that still needed righting

The unseen power knew her wish before she could make it
And her fiery glow blazed white-hot, burning her to down to ash once more

Smoldering glow, to darkness, to grey
An eternity passed, then another

Gradually she arose in form divine: A new goddess was born
She went forth into the troubled kingdoms, freeing other trapped souls
Liberating the down-trodden and oppressed, as she was once like them

She is an unstoppable force, fierce and relentless, never tiring
Hers is keen-eyed crystal vision; her song gives hope to all who hear it
When her work is done, she will ascend to the heavens, to dwell there for all eternity

Dedicated to all Goddesses yearning to break free and soar...
Your day will come!


  1. I really love this beautiful story here... strong & empowering!

  2. nice...great transformational poem eric...good story telling and imagery...

  3. Eric,
    This is breathtakingly beautiful..touching and so relatable for the ones trying to break free. Thank you for this one.

  4. whoosh! and to think i was aspiring to be a hummingbird.

  5. Wow. Absolutely breathtaking. I so love the many layers to this amazing prose. Thank you.

  6. Eric, this was amazing. All the poetic forms and each one a jewel on its own, but fabulous when read together!

  7. Hmmm - the sacrifice / the reward.
    Always a price to pay.

    A beautifully woven tale

  8. What a great series of poems! I love the outcome.

  9. Thanks! (j/k)
    You really have your muse working overtime. Kudos!

  10. OMG. I have lived through the "Jewel" experience. I ended my marriage because one day I realized... my spark was gone. As you know from reading my blog, I have since found it again. Woo hoo! That is an important message though and encouraging words. Sometimes we don't realize when we are losing ourselves. Thanks for encouraging us to shine! :)


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