December 16, 2010

Life in Paraphrase

I live my life in paraphrase, just going through the motions
They tell me I’ve got everything, but I’ve got other notions

I wave and smile in photographs, Death waiting by the door
It gets a whole lot harder when you feel there’s something more

I walk the walk and talk the talk, my foot stuck in my mouth
In summer, sit and curse the heat; in winter, head down south

I wave and smile in photographs, Death knocking at the door
It gets a whole lot easier when you know there’s nothing more


  1. Sad and yet this flows so eloquently.....lovely poem!

  2. Yes, one gets to the age where that Death guy with his big scythe is always around somewhere. He doesn't seem nearly as alien and scary now as he used--I guess you can get used to anything. (Great final line.)

  3. It's funny how we envision the grim reaper closer to those who are older and yet I always feel it can be around any corner at any time.

    I loved the flow and the was perfect, Eric.

  4. Very nice piece. I will keep the scythe at bay for now.

  5. Okay where's the melody for these gripping lyrics?


  6. Ach! That last line is so hopeless! Such a great rhythm in this piece (even though it makes me depressed :). Thanks for stopping by my place, Eric. I have to 'fess up--I subscribe to the Word a Day and every once in a while I dump a few of my favorite ones in a poem. I liked "beek" also.


  7. ..and that friends is the nature of the beast...

    So let's enjoy each day and keep that grim reaper in the next town.
    Nicely done!!!

  8. I like the flow of this, I read it I kept thinking that a famous actor past his prime might say this about life..."they tell me I've got everything...wave and smile in photographs." Good job, eric!


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