December 17, 2010

Course Change

I sit here punching computer keys
each weekday from nine to five.
I’ve been doing it for nine years now
but I’d like to do more with this life.

A man’s not meant to sit and type
and shuffle papers ‘round.
Adding numbers and sorting data
while I gain another pound.

I want to create, to build, improve,
to think-up something new.
To pour myself into my work
and have it matter when I do.

I’m wasting my life here at this desk
as my time ticks away.
It’s time for me to change my course
I think I’ll start today!


  1. Good luck with that, Eric. I hope you find something that fulfills you.

  2. Hoo boy. I hear you on this one, Eric.

  3. Eric, so true that there should be more than dullness to any job. I hope you find something that sparks your imagination and has you bounding out of bed each to greet the workday with excitement.

  4. carpe diem and Merry Christmas and HNY! I'll be checking in to see what you end up doing....just keep writing- I enjoy your blog!

  5. may the new course bring fulfillment

  6. good luck with that eric - yep sometimes it's good to come to this point - not at all easy to decide what is the right way to take..

  7. well, now that you put it out there, there is no turning back!


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