December 15, 2010

In My Mind

I see the news and it’s all bad
Except for the fact that it’s not about me
And I feel so very pleased
In my mind

I hear the people complaining
Except the ones who are just too tired
And I quit listening and find peace
In my mind

I smell the body odor and bad breath
Except in the winter, when my nose is stuffy
And I try to think of good smells
In my mind

I taste the acid at the back of my throat
Except when I’m hungry and have no food
And I’ve lost the taste for life
In my mind

I feel nothing anymore
Except for this bleak, depressing blackness
And I feel something snap
In my mind


  1. This is sad, but well written and I know there are times I can relate.

  2. So much going on in your mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. Yes, very sad but one we can all possibly relate to.......

  4. A logical progression- but nothing a wintertime trip to a tropical place couldn't cure!
    I was gonna say Florida- but that's freezzing too-
    N did you see that Florida school board shooter guy on the news to write this?

  5. the twist in this one took me completely by surprise...I like that.


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