December 14, 2010


Two hearts, a whole world apart
Yet beat in syncopated rhythm

Twin like-minds, so rare to find
Amidst all of these differences

Souls in pairs, with love to share
Though never meeting in person

Mirrored feelings, emotions reeling
A global connection in syncopation


  1. Oooo! Nice! I like the rhyme-deal, and your poem does what it says! And I am over-using exclamation points, but this is very good Eric. :o)

  2. smiles. neat when you meet someone with such a similar heart...

  3. Eric. I didn't know you felt that way. *blushes*

  4. .... turn the beat around! I appreciate syncopation in music ... and your poem.

  5. Neva - Coming from you, that's quite a compliment!

    Mary - Now I just need to come up with a name for that rhyming scheme (if there's not one already).

    Brian - Yes it is... I hope everybody meets that person in their lives.

    Monkey Man - You know I can't hide my true feelings. (LOL!)

    Kay - I liked the way you said "mmmm..." - just the kind of response I like to generate.

    Helen - Yes, music flows so much better when there's an inherant balance between the rhythm, melody and harmony.

    Thanks for the kind words, everybody!

  6. Is it odd – but I have been one of these hearts in one of those situations. I believe it can work – though it takes work and trust. Great job!!

  7. This love through the other media... really exists
    Great one! Eric...

  8. Indeed it can and does happen...
    lovely words here:-

  9. Those people are the lucky ones...

  10. ..a global connection in syncopation.... sums it up beautifully :-)

  11. Eric

    It seems the women agree with you here, as I do , it does exist,, truly it must have experienced this as well? for your poem captures the essence nicely.


  12. I love finding kindred spirits a half a planet away- such as from New Zealand...

    Without internet the inspiration here wouldn't be-

  13. And blogging has certainly made this a reality occurring more onften than we think possible.

  14. if this is a new poetic form, you should submit it to Writer's Digest's contest. If you are interested email me if you can't find it on their website. deadline isn't until Feb.


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