December 1, 2010

The Copper Door

So very often have I been here before
To this pub that they call The Copper Door

The front door is made of copper, it’s true
The back door won’t open, but that’s not for you

I always sit here at my high corner stool
I drink and I drink until I act the fool

The bartender’s rather stoic and dull
But manages always to keep my glass full

It’s quite entertaining, the characters here
With all of their talking between quaffs of beer

There’s old Crazy Larry, who yaks like a train
Although I am certain he’s really quite sane

There’s Big Mike and Eddie who work at the plant
Pounding down drinks as they gripe and they rant

Then in saunters Kelly, a curvaceous redhead
Who’s still seeking some sugar daddy to wed

Soon after that, in walks sweet Marie
Such a nice girl, she’s something to see

Smiling Tom comes in at nine, don’t forget him
He always buys me a drink, and I let him

A mixture of people, they come and they go
There’s always a chance you’ll see someone you know

So here’s this pub they call The Copper Door
Come to think of it, I’ve not been there before


  1. Well done, Eric! A really nice cast of characters and some lovely turns of phrase - "and I let him" ha ha.

    I like that surprise ending too.

    Thanks, I'll get your name posted.


  2. YOu do rhymes very well. I have written one rhyming poem and let's just say, it was not pretty..
    This one had a nice bounce to it. Well done!

  3. Thank you, Lynne!

    I find rhyming to be fairly easy; it's the syncopation that's difficult.

    (By the way, you've got a new Follower!) :)

  4. I like this place (piece) ... where everybody knows your name!

  5. Yes, exactly! "Cheers" crossed my mind when I was writing the part about seeing people you know.

  6. Norm!! I mean, Eric!! Nicely done.

  7. I like this even though I no longer frequent pubs!
    there certainly are a cast of characters- good job on the rhymes. I enjoyed you Hiaku-and your photo's. Thanks for visiting me!

  8. Can I go and have a beer?? So inviting.

  9. Nicely done, Eric. Not sure why, but it reminds me of a poem my dad used to recite called Face on the Barroom Floor. It also made me think of Billy Joel's Piano Man, with a vibrant cast of characters. :)

  10. Works well in rhyming couplets. Like Lisa, it has a ring of Piano Man about it, with a twist at the end.

  11. Like this, and even if I've given up hanging out at bars, I remember their virtues as you bring them out and wipe your bar towel over them here--and aren't we all still sitting around gassing here at the biggest saloon ever anyway--the internet?

  12. I love the idea of a place where you're known, and then you realize they've simply included you because you're there.


  13. Sounds like a place with lots of great people, and sure isn't that what a great place is all about!

  14. A full cast alright, you could expand on their stories. And why wouldn't you let Tom buy a drink, he sounds like a nice sort

  15. I was so enjoying that bar and then the final twist! Aaargggh, no bar at all? It reminded me of 'Cheers' where everybody knows your name...

  16. Totalfeckineejit - no, The Copper Door is a real bar alright, I've just never been inside.

    (It seems to lean more towards the biker crowd)


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