December 1, 2010

Friday 55: Ode to Mystique

A beautiful blue blur with
Whirling-dervish tricks
Arching and twisting moves
Neck-snaps, swift kicks

She changes faces easily
This sly yellow-eyed temptress
Who’s sultry, seductive saunter
Belies one deadly Tempest

An able assassin who loves this game
At which she is so skilled
Yet she’s left standing there, so alone
Among the ones she’s killed


  1. mystique is the bomb...have like her since way back...

  2. I love dangerous women. Nice 55. A tad early aren't you? I'll be up with mine after 5PM Pacific.

  3. It's not officially early because it's not linked on Mr. Know-It-All's Friday 55 post.

    (Which we all know gets posted Thursday night, so I'm just well-prepared!)

  4. I had the same issue with Blogger you mentioned on you Mr. Knowitall comment - not getting site updates. Just happened to go to Galen's site since it was time.

    My 55 is HERE .

  5. Interesting take on Mystique - a nightmare for most men

    Nice 55

    Have a great weekend

  6. Interesting, but I think I'm in the dark here. I'm not up on my pop culture.

  7. i'm all about wolverine myself ;)

  8. I can totally do that, you know!

    Except I like to be all dressed up in silver.


  9. I was a Little Lulu fan myself.
    I always wanted to peek up that dress she wore all the time.
    Most Excellent 55 Eric..
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your GREAT support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  10. Great poem. I must confess an apparently huge culture gap here. I'm not familiar with mystique. But your poem seems to tell it all. Really nice.

  11. Great fiction this week!!! Well, the scary part, IS it fiction?

    My 55 is posted!! Here is the link for you.

  12. For those who may not know, Mystique (a.k.a. Raven Darkhölme) is a villain in the X-Men movie series (and the comics as well)

    She's a shape-shifter with incredibly acrobatic fighting skills - a formidable foe indeed!

    In the X-Men movies she's played by the lovely Rebecca Romijn. (She dropped the "-Stamos" after divorcing John Stamos)

    Jannie - I'd love to see that! ;)

  13. Well thanks Eric, now I am up to speed with the rest of you all, nicely crafted 55er,,,

    although -- I have to get this straight FF55er is really on Thursday? On the Thursday poet group posts on Wednesday, and the Wednesday Group post on Monday, and the Tuesday group post on Thursday, this is all true -- ugh!
    Well I did do a 55er but it is Friday here in the PNW...


  14. It's nice never to grow up, isn't it? I'm still half-a$$ in love with Dr. Strange, myself. Nice 55, and really cool pic.

  15. Wouldn't it be fun to have some super least for one day! Fun 55...Mine will be up before the Wolverine comes out!! :D

  16. What a piece ! and thanks for the explanation-
    I ran out of gas after my Magpie...Cheers!

  17. Killer instincts, eh? And aren't we attracted to those?!?! :) But ofcourse, me likeys Logan (who else!) :)
    A neat racy 55, Eric!!


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