November 11, 2010

Your Left Eye Itches

Your left eye itches.
Right now… feel it?
Your left eye.

It’s dry.
So very dry.

Blinking doesn’t help.
Blink, blink, blink…
Doesn’t help.

Rub it.
You have to.
Go ahead.

But you don’t...
You don’t want to.
Don’t need to!

But it IS itchy.
You can feel it...
Dry, twitching, itchy.

Blink blink.
Nope. Still dry.
Itchingly dry.

Go on already.
Rub it!
You have a free hand.

Rub that itchy eye.
Itchy and dry.

It feels kinda hot now.
Blink more.

Your right eye is fine.
But the left?
A hot, dry itch.

Scroll down some more.
Don’t think about it.
About your dry left eye.

This is silly.
I can’t make you itch.
Can I, eye?

But it does...
Itchy. Dry. Hot.
Blink-blink. Twitch.

You will rub it.
I know you will.
You can’t not.

Keep scrolling.
Keep resisting.
Keep itching.

Why fight it?
It’s your eye, after all.
It’s only an itch.

Still trying not to?
Well, get ready...
You’re gonna do it!

Even if you’ve resisted.
Made it this far, itchy.
You will rub it in the end.


  1. Oh my god!Who can help it? Rub it yes!
    You have a topic here! :)

  2. You did NOT make me itch my left eye. Only lift a bit of stray bangs from OVER my left eye, 3 times. :)


  3. You were just rubbing your eye with your bangs.

    Ow! - ;(

  4. little pink eye? and the finger in the lid... ugh.

    a tempting read... almost to point of irritation, just do it already!!!! haha

  5. I have severely dry eyes, btw, n allergies, so this happens to me sometimes-
    I would insert lines of
    "TG I finally got in the eyedrops, Ah-!" Cause I get to do that about every half hour.
    When I get to the twitch part- it's way too dry n I'll get a 3-day head-ache n need extra drops to get the water back in there. More $$.
    I spend a fortune on eyedrops! 10 bux ones last longer...

  6. LOL, you are hilarious. i avoided my eye but i had to scratch my nose.

  7. Nice try Eric but no banana! Ha! See, there are benefits to an almost complete inability to visualise! Who'da thunk it? xx Jos

  8. Yes, I did...feel an itch in my left eye. Very clever.


    Happy Friday,
    take any awards you like from my post.

  10. You are making my side hurt with laughter Eric, but fortunately my eyes don't itch....:-)

  11. You all know darned well that you rubbed your left eyes when you thought I wasn't looking.

  12. She<---rubbing left eye...
    Eric, you suck!

  13. You devil man trying to control me. Gross pictures. Ew.

  14. this is way out of line, right here.
    way out of line. :)

  15. Ain't it hard to type while you're rubbing that itchy eye? >;(


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