November 12, 2010

Why Ask “Why?”

Why do the clouds rain?
Why does the sun shine?
Why do the winds blow?
Why does the earth turn?

Be glad when the clouds give us rain
to water our crops and wash our feet
Be ready if the rains fall too hard
and flood the rivers and fields

Be glad the sun shines down
to warm our homes and help plants grow
Be ready if the sun’s too hot
and burns our skin or dries the soil

Be glad the winds are blowing
to spin windmills and spread seeds
Be ready if the winds grow strong
and pull out all our roots

Be glad the earth turns ‘round
to bring always a new day
Be ready if it ever stops
and forces all life to end


  1. why do clouds rain?
    because the earth needs it to live and remain...

    without water,
    plants die,
    that's why...

    enjoyed your curious wonders here.
    elegant word flow.

  2. This is a beautiful affirmation of all that is good in the world. I want to thank you, Eric, for your continued support of my blog and all the heart-felt comments you leave there - I look out for them every day and do not say thank you enough.

  3. I hear "thank you" all the time, Kerry, in many ways other than words. (And - you're welcome!)

  4. Beautiful Eric: it is like a prayer of appreciation and thankfulness all rolled into one.
    And anyone who ever alone thinks sunshine and clear skies bring happiness, has never danced in the rain, now have their?


  5. Climate change is definitely in the air. And yes, be prepared as much of it appears to be of our own doing.

    Thought-provoking, Eric.

  6. all the little detail that went into making our world work...definitely thankful...

  7. I will put in my few cents- hear those pennies
    jingle and clink ? I love poems with questions and wonder -good rhythm- Thanks!
    (you got my little one all figured out!)

  8. why not? is sometimes a more fruitful question than why? I like your thoughts here.

  9. Eric,
    Love the affirmation in this piece.
    Well said.

  10. This IS one exceedingly amazing planet full of miracles to be happy for.

    Gratitude exudes from you.



    Special awards for you. Happy Sunday! xx
    Hope to see you at our potluck tonight.

  12. Nice poem! I also asked why not?


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