November 11, 2010

Rock ‘n Roll Fridays: The Cure

Welcome to Rock ‘n Roll Fridays!

We are like other memes in that we will ask you thirteen questions each and every Friday.  But our little "twist" is that each week we will pick a singer, band, era or category and pick thirteen of their lyrics.  Each of our questions will be based on the lyrics.  Got it?  Great!  Let's begin this week's meme!

Today we picked The Cure.  The song lyrics are in bold.

1. FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE: “Monday you can fall apart, Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart. Oh, Thursday doesn't even start, It's Friday I'm in love”

Do you have a certain day of the week for particular meal, such as pizza night or a family night, such as Game night?

We don’t have a certain day of the week picked out for anything, but we do have “hamburger night” once a week.  We just LOVE hamburger night!

(Although technically, it’s CHEESEburger night for me)

2. LOVECATS: “We should have each other to tea huh? We should have each other with cream, Then curl up by the fire And sleep for awhile”

What is your favorite brand of tea (or iced tea)?

I get my tea from a small tea shop in Frankenmuth because it’s one of the few places I can find whole-leaf Lapsang Souchong.

For iced tea (so people don't think I'm some kind of tea-snob) I like Lipton Brisk with lemon - refreshing!

3. LET'S GO TO BED: “Another girl, Another name, Stay alive but stay the same. It's just the same, A stupid game”

Have you ever joined a dating service or used personal ads to find a date?

Nope.  I think it’s highly unlikely that you will find true love in a personal ad or at a dating service.  Love just happens.

4. NEVER ENOUGH: “However big I ever feel, It's never enough. Whatever I do to make it real, It's never enough. In any way I try to speak. Never enough”

What is the last project you worked hard on, only to get knocked down with friends/family insults about it?

I’m my own worst critic when it comes to projects.  I over-think things and wind up keeping myself from ever getting started.  Things turn out better when I just DO them.

5. JUST LIKE HEAVEN: "Show me how you do that trick, The one that makes me scream" she said. "The one that makes me laugh" she said. And threw her arms around my neck . "Show me how you do it And I promise you I promise that I'll run away with you."

What’s your best trick?

Trick?  What, am I a magician?  I can catch a stack of quarters off my elbow - how’s that for a trick?

6. IN-BETWEEN DAYS: “Yesterday I got so old I felt like I could die. Yesterday I got so old It made me want to cry…”

When was the last time you felt old or were told by someone else that you were too old to do something?

This morning, when I creaked out of bed at 5 a.m. to go to physical therapy for the tendonitis in my right shoulder.  (I usually tell myself I’m too old to do stuff)

7. WHY CANT I BE YOU: “Everything you do is irresistible. Everything you do is simply kissable. Why can't I be you?”

What would you say to your favorite celebrity if you met them in person?

I don’t have a ‘favorite’ celebrity.  I’m not into idolatry, especially of Hollywood-types.  But if I met a musician who’s music I admire, I might say, “I’m a fan of your music” and try to get my picture taken with them.

8. THIS TWILIGHT GARDEN: “I lift my eyes from watching you to watch the star rise shine onto your dreaming face and dreaming smile you're dreaming worlds for me”

What is the nicest thing about sleeping with someone else, or sleeping alone?

The best thing about sleeping with someone else is shared body heat (of all kinds!) and the best thing about sleeping alone is having the whole bed and all the covers to yourself!

9. PRIMARY: “The innocence of sleeping children Dressed in white And slowly dreaming Stops all time Slow my steps and start to blur. So many years have filled my heart I never thought I'd say those words”

What do children do that amuses you most?

I’m always tickled when children show that sense of wonder and awe in the little things that people tend to overlook and take for granted.

(I’d like everybody to see our world that way)

10. 10:15 ON A SATURDAY NIGHT: “Under the strip light, And I'm sitting In the kitchen sink, And the tap drips , Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip”

What was the last appliance or household item you fixed?

The humidifier.  I clean out the hard water deposits each year and make sure the pump is working properly.  It’s only a minor project, but you only asked for the last one, not the biggest.  (I fix lots of things around the house)

11. BOYS DON’T CRY: “I would say I'm sorry If I thought that it would change your mind But I know that this time I've said too much Been too unkind”

What was the last thing you said to someone that you wish you could take back?

I don’t get angry easily and I’m generally careful with my words. I can’t think of anything I’ve said recently (like, in years) that was un-called for or rash.

12. CATERPILLAR: “You flicker And you're beautiful You glow inside my head You hold me hynotized I'm mesmerized Your flames The flames that kiss me dead “

What is your favorite insect?

It’s hard to pick a favorite because I like quite a few - butterfly, ladybug, praying mantis, bumblebee, dragonfly...  I recently saw a click beetle for the first time, which was very interesting.

How about my LEAST favorite insect? (Mosquitoes!)

13. CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES: “Sometimes i'm dreaming Expressionless the trance Sometimes i'm dreaming So many different names Sometimes i'm dreaming The sounds all stay the same“

What era in history would you like to visit for one day?

Wow!  Tough question!   There have been so many interesting events in history that I’d have a hard time picking just one.

Should I visit ancient Rome?  Watch the great pyramids being built?  View the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon?  See the first flight at Kitty Hawk?  Watch a Civil War battle?  See Jimi Hendrix in concert?

I suppose, being a bit more self-indulgent, I could just go back to a more recent time, say 1974, to visit my family.

(My grandparents were all still alive, so it would be nice to see them again)

And of course I’d tell my parents all about time travel and advise them where to invest money, so when I come back I'd be a multi-billionaire! (LOL!)

By the way, I never cared for The Cure... too whiny for my taste.
(These days we call it EMO!)

I'm still waiting for Rock ‘n Roll Fridays: RUSH!


  1. It's interesting the questions you come up with!

    I had to use clamps on the house's vinyl siding which is 15 foot strips- n blew off into the outdooe staircae (2nd floor- can't get down) about 20 times in the cold wind in the past 3 days! Those clamps will hold for a bit longer hopefully! The old slide-ins will not hold!

  2. "I’m always tickled when children show that sense of wonder and awe in the little things that people tend to overlook and take for granted.

    (I’d like everybody to see our world that way)"

    so would I, Eric!


  3. We have spaghetti night on Wednesday.

    I just met a famous football player on Halloween. Everyone was all gaga over him. I was unimpressed. I am like a reverse snob.

  4. I can't wait to see that quarter trick at the next bloggers convention!


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