November 18, 2010

Tragedies of Music

The drunken poet bellowing in midnight’s street
shuns his own gift to embrace Bacchus

The high electric wizard dabbles in black magic
inescapably caught in his own reckless spell

The soft, elegant tunesmith dreams of peace
hushed too soon by fate’s cruel hand

The bright comet rises for all to adore
suddenly dies in a fiery crash

The bold new troubadour grins, brash and fearless
gets lost forever on a dark, lonely road

The wretched songwriter, full of pain and dread
can no longer sing his own tortured songs



  1. I enjoyed this, Eric. The idea that creative voices are silenced too soon - through fate or poor choices - is a sad one, isn't it?

  2. Yes, each one of these was inspired by an actual musical icon who could've gone further than they did.

  3. oooohh, I really like this one. Love the way you expressed each tragic end. Very nice, very nice, Eric!

  4. I see your heart and dedication in each line. The power so briefly snuffed out.
    keep it up.
    blues and gospel for sure,

  5. ah tis a tragedy indeed to lose ones art and voice...

  6. In some cases senseless and self imposed. In others, just tragedy.


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