November 10, 2010

Go Forth, Be Fruitful

Lying somewhere in a sack
Hidden fruits there can be found
Usually found two in a pack
Cute and fuzzy and so round

Nice to juggle, easy to hold
Hanging near a longer fruit
Tasty too, or so I’m told
Simply grab it by the root

Then there are two fruits I know
They're soft and smooth and nice
Some hang high and others, low
Nibble both once or twice

Then, at last, there is the one
That drips when it is ready
That’s the fruit I find most fun
Eat slowly - hold on steady

So have yourself a bit of fun
These treats are made for pleasure
Unless, of course, you are a nun
Then they're a forbidden treasure


  1. I thought about adding the appropriate pictures - kiwi, bananas, melons, etc. - but I think people will supply their own mental pictures.

  2. I was thinking Kiwi - green


    Eric thanks for the support of OSW
    you deserve a medal for reading all those - you are incredible

    moon Smiles

  3. I had an idea early on where you were going with this. Nice double entendre--and fitting title!

  4. Oh you had fun writing this.

  5. Bwahahaha!

    I have had the *crummiest* day. This was so totally what I needed to read. Thanks, Eric! :)


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