October 14, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Hitting where I'm aiming

Cedar Point - especially those rollercoasters!

Watching a slow stream

Laughing 'til I cry

A hot mug of real coffee (None of that decaf crap!)

A cold mug of real beer (None of that 'light' crap!)

Inside jokes

Comfy clothes

Nature's beauty

Hearing a favorite song for the 1,000th time and still finding something new to like


Family & friends

Watching the lightning and listening to the thunder of a not-too-distant storm

Martial arts films

Making and eating jerky


Soft, warm blankets

Smooth-sippin' bourbon


Loud belching and farting - funny and such a relief!

Crossword puzzles

Comedy - from slapstick to subtle wit  (Mocking being a particular favorite)

Hot sauce

Fresh bread with a hard crust

Sexy perfume

Having the right tool for the job

My wife's cookies

Teaching somebody something new

A long, hot shower on a cold morning

Good music by talented musicians


When two people are thinking alike

Getting e-mail from people I actually know instead of just Spam

Grilling outdoors

Combing the sand for seashells and cool rocks

A good, sharp knife

The smells of a holiday kitchen

Guitar music

Poetry (Favorite: Robert Frost)

A well-turned phrase

The imagination

Fireworks (Ooooh! Ahhhh!)

Discovering something new that I really enjoy

Sharing my favorite things with others!


  1. I'll second that! wonder what my staff would say if I came in today and told them they had to say something they were Thankful for???

    hahahaha... they would so hate me, the seed you have planted! :))

  2. Neat list! I wish I could have the real coffee and not the de-caf crap, but I'm not allowed.

    And I hope you're using that good sharp knife for slicing the bread and not for more devious means ;)

  3. Kay: What can I say? I'm a gardener of the mind.

    Talon: Yes, I probably should have made it clearer. My sharp knives are used for food-related purposes, cutting twine or occasionally carving wood. I never use them on people.
    (That's what my chainsaw is for!)

  4. Wow- I'm a fan of Robert Frost too!
    I once did a 10 page ENL paper based on the very short poem, "Fire and Ice" for a Creative Writing course in college (A)
    Ya like your list!


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