September 7, 2010

Take Out Your Pencils, This is a Pop Meme

Take Out Your Pencils, This is a Pop Meme

I stole this from Lime, who stole it from from Cooper, who stole it from Mimi..

1. Do you know your primary colors? Describe for me, if you will, the colors red, blue and green to a blind person.

The primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Red is hot, the color of love and passion. Blue is cool and deep like the ocean. Green is lush and moist like a tropical forest. (Hey, what about Yelow?)

2. What was your adult summer reading?

Exactly what does ‘adult summer reading refer to?  Are we talking smutty books?

I’m always reading a book or three throughout the year, it just takes longer in the summer because of other activities. I’m currently (i.e. still) reading “Paradise Lost”, a book of Robert Frost’s poetry, and “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”.

3. When you assembled your clothes last night for today’s activities – you did do that, didn’t you? – what did you choose to wear?

I’m not the sort of person who can’t manage to pick out his clothes in the morning, since I'm not six years old anymore.  I’m wearing an olive green polo-style shirt, khaki pants and light brown leather shoes.  Oh, and olive green socks to match.

4. What’s in your lunchbox?

Well, I don’t have a lunch BOX, but I do have a lunch BAG, which I didn’t bring today.  However, getting to the gist of the question: I had homemade chicken noodle soup (made by yours truly), non-fat cherry vanilla yogurt, a granny smith apple and a bottle of water.  (The water here at work is a bit too mineral-tinged for my taste)

5. Imagine that your teacher is your fantasy crush. What would you bring her/him on the first day of school?

This is kind of hard for me to imagine, since I’ve been out of school for so long. (Since ’82) I did like my 4th grade teacher, but it never grew into a full-blown crush because she was occasionally short-tempered and would snap at the kids. If I had a crush on a teacher, I’d try to bring them something meaningful like a rare book.

6. No rest for the weary.  Your child’s teacher just called.  A big ole’ bully knocked your precious one into a locker for no good reason at all.  What is your response to the principal?

My son used to have problems with a few kids in grade school.  The principal wasn’t directly involved, but the professionals who deal with such problems did so quickly. There was no repeat incidence. (Now he's so big there aren't many bullies)

7. You have been given a pair of scissors, a glue stick and copy of Entertainment Weekly. Whose picture do you cut out and glue to your headboard?

I never glued (taped, etc) anyone’s picture to my headboard. But I once made a poster of wildlife pictures from my Outdoor Life and Field & Stream magazines.

8. TEN POINT BONUS QUESTION!  Now that you have time to watch all those Gilligan’s Island reruns, tell me: What was the Professor really doing with Mary Ann all that time they were lost in the jungle?

He was teaching her all the tricks that Mrs. Howell taught him.
(Ginger already knew them)


  1. I love these Qs and As of yours
    Thanks a lot for that meme for me... Oh it would take me a couple days to answer, but I'll try
    every answer being a poem...



  2. “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” sounds awesome!

  3. Haha!! And I thought he was just enjoying a slice of her famous coconut creme pie... :)

  4. 20 point bonus question: what were mrs. howell's tricks? thanks for playing along :)

  5. very funny answers and some entertaining questions.

  6. Nice...thanks for making us peep through you.


  7. You are Tagged- and here's your award- you deserve it.. :)


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