September 9, 2010

The Agency: Seven Deadly Serious Questions

It's the year 2257.  You are the newest recruit in a top-secret underground agency known only as The Agency.

The Agency is a world-wide collective of time-traveling assassins whose primary goal is to bring peace to the present by erasing the mistakes of the past.  Their missions are carefully planned time-travel assassinations, calculated to account for all possible time-line variations in order to assure the best possible outcome.

The Agency has a few rules about time-travel regarding financial matters.  Agents are not allowed to pick winning Lottery numbers, gamble, invest money, nor otherwise financially benefit from their knowledge of The Agency's time-traveling activities.

The Agency maintains certain financial interests in order to cover expenses, and agents are well-paid for their assassinations.  The Agency also keeps a wide variety of currencies on hand to supplement missions.

As a new recruit, you get extensive training in martial arts combat, chemical warfare and weapons use.  You work alone and have no family ties.  In the end you are a perfect assassin, razor sharp in both your skills and intelligence.

Your final exam consists of a single question:

1. You have been selected to go back in time and assassinate the person (or persons) you feel has done the most harm.  Who do you assassinate and why?

Note: You cannot choose old stand-by answers like Adolph Hitler, Napoleon, Osama bin Laden, or the BP oil executives responsible for the Great Spill of 2010 because they've already been assassinated.  (Come on! Be original!)

The Agency was so impressed with your answer that they decided to make it your first mission.

2. How do plan to assassinate them? Explain the reasoning behind your choice of technique.

You successfully completed your first mission and are paid handsomely.  After each mission, agents are allowed to take vacation for as long as they feel is necessary.  (Since they can time-travel right back to where they left, it's like they never took time off)

3. Where and when do you take your time-travel vacation, and what do you do?

While on vacation, you encounter a fellow agent who’s there to do a minor assassination.  You find yourself quite attracted to them and (despite The Agency’s strict policy against it) you wind up having a fling.  Afterwards, you have second thoughts about risking your career - you’re also wondering if perhaps they were sent by The Agency to test you. (The Agency is ruthless like that!)  But there is one way out.

4. Will you go back in time and assassinate them? Why/why not?

There were no repercussions from your little fling (and subsequent decision regarding their assassination), so The Agency has your next mission ready.  This time it’s a less-than-lethal mission:

5. You have to find a way to delay the start of the 1973 Boston Marathon.  You must delay it for at least ten minutes, but you cannot prevent the race from actually starting.  How will you do it?

Thanks to your creativeness in handling the Boston Marathon, you’ve just been promoted.  You’re sitting in on your first official meeting when an agent bursts into the room, bleeding and gasping for breath.  He collapses on the floor and, with his dying breath, says: “It’s Boston… something… went wrong…”

He dies and everybody looks at you...

6. What went wrong and how are you going to fix it?

Order has been restored to Boston and The Agency has recognized your accomplishments by giving you a special reward:

7. You can go anywhere in time (backwards/forwards) and spend the day wherever and with whomever you choose.  What's your choice?

Thank you for checking out my very first meme!  I had a lot of fun creating it and hope people have as much fun answering these questions.

PLEASE feel free to pass it along... The Agency is always looking for new recruits!


  1. I wouldn't make it as a spy/assassin.

  2. Whoohooo...I will pass this on, I am not a spy/assassin person either but I know some who would love this. Clever you!!! x

  3. I am running behind this week but will try to remember to give this a go next week. I will say that as an agent charged with assinating those I feel have caused the most harm, I would choose the news media, hands down.


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