September 7, 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Majorly Personal Meme

Sunday Stealing: The Majorly Personal Meme

1. Are you happier now than you were five months ago?

I can’t say that I’m any more (or less) happy than just five months ago.  Not different enough one way or the other to measure.  I guess I’m on a pretty even keel.

2. Have you ever slept in the same bed with anyone that you shouldn't have?
Only the dogs; they’re bed-hogs!

3. Can you sleep in total darkness?
Sleep, yes.  But get up to go to the bathroom?  Not so easy in total darkness.

4. Your phone is ringing. It’s the person you fell hardest for, the one who got away, what do you say?
Why in the world are you calling now?  It’s too late - this boat has sailed!

5. What do you think about the weather this summer?
It was pretty hot much of the time.  Anything over 75ºF is too hot for me.
(Thank God for air conditioning!)

6. How many people do you trust with everything?
Everything? Just one: My wife.

7. What was the last thing you drank?

8. Is there anyone you want to come see you?
I wouldn’t mind a surprise visit from my friend, Scott.
(And, since we lost touch many years ago, it certainly would be a surprise!)

9. Name one thing you love about winter?

10. Have you ever dated a Goth?
No, I was born long after the Goths disappeared in the late 16th century...  Wait, did you mean those pale kids who dress all in black and just mope around?  Oh, then no!

11. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Leaving work early!

12. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having?
Waiting for my boss to get around to looking at the 'urgent' report that was SO important that I had to stop everything else and work on it for him (again), because he can’t adequately explain what he really wants, regardless of how many times I ask him.

(I should have answered numbers 11 and 12 in reverse order)

13. What's the longest that you have committed to one person and one person only?
16 years with my wife this September 17th.

14. What’s the first thing you did when you opened your eyes today?
I rolled out of bed and trudged downstairs to make coffee.

15. Has anyone ever told you they never want to ever lose you?
My wife may have mentioned it on occasion, but there’s nothing to worry about there.

16. Is there anybody that you wish you could fix your relationship with?
Not really.  There were a few ex-friends I would have liked to patch things up with many years ago, but we’ve all moved on since then so there’s no point anymore.
(Like the Beatles sang: Fa-la-la-la-la, life goes on)

17. Could you go out in public, looking like you do now?
I hope so, since I came to work looking like this.  (Showered, shaved, dressed, etc)

18. Do you think things will change in the next 3 months? How?
It’s going to get colder.  (Both the weather and me)

19. Do you believe that you never know what you got until you lose it?
To a point.  I think it’s easy to not fully appreciate all that we have, but I think that’s pretty normal.  You don’t think about breathing until you suddenly can’t.

On the other hand, I think anyone can learn to be grateful for what they’ve got if they just pay a bit more attention.  For example, I’ve gotten into the habit of saying ‘Thank you’ every time the microwave beeps to tell me it's ready.

20. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
I have some female friends and I can talk to all of them; but when it comes to confiding in a woman, I only turn to my wife.

21. If you were to live your life without your best friend, what would change?
Since my wife is my best friend, I’d be a lot lonelier.. and a lot busier too, if I had to take care of everything she takes care of now.

22. Tell us about a era of your life that you really miss.
I’m not one to pine for the days of old, but I had a lot of fun when I was a kid in grade school.  My family moved when I hit 8th grade and I started a new school without all the friends I’d had since 1st grade.  I really missed the old neighborhood that first year.

23. Have you ever been betrayed by someone that came as a complete surprise? Without revealing the person, if yes, tell us about it.
One time, when I was about 17, I loaned a friend my car for the night.  He said he was going ‘just down the street’ with another friend of mine.  At 2 a.m. I got a call from him saying they were 80 miles away, had been drinking, and had driven my car into a ditch.

24. Do you ever think that is a good idea to hide your feelings?
Sure, there are plenty of times to refrain from showing your feelings.  Like when your boss really ticks you off.

25. Tell us about your favorite year when you were a student.
7th Grade (about 1976) was probably my favorite school year.  We were the oldest kids in the school (and, thus, the coolest) and the boys were starting to notice the girls.  I had a really cool science teacher who did all kinds of neat experiments.  Life was good.

Then, disaster struck!  (See question 22)

25. When was the last time you were in a very good mood? What caused it?
Labor Day weekend, which was a 3-day weekend.  My son was up north with his friend and my wife and I got to do lots of stuff together.  Saturday we cleaned up the camper from our last camping trip and I assembled our new gas grill. (I love that stuff!)  On Sunday we went to a cider mill  for fresh cider and donuts (Mmmm!)  Early Monday we went to the Henry Ford Museum (Target family day = Free admission!)  My son came back home Monday afternoon and I cooked steak dinner on the new grill.  Not too bad for a STAYcation.

26. Have you ever had a romantic relationship with a sibling of a good friend?
This one is funny to me because I married the sister of a high school friend.  Never had any other romantic relationships with friends’ siblings.

27. Tell us about the last thing that you did that you truly regret.
I forgot my wife’s birthday this year.  I’ll be paying for that one FOREVER!

28. When did you laughed today?
I laughed early this morning, watching “Malcolm in the Middle”
(And I laughed when I read this question - nice grammar!)

29. Do you trust easily?
I’m generally a trusting person, since I consider myself also trustworthy.  But I also consider myself a pretty fair judge of character, so that helps when know who to trust.

30. What do you care about that you wish more people would?
Littering.  Some people are such pigs, throwing their trash just anywhere.  Cigarette butts out the car window is a pet peeve of mine.

31. Is it easier for you to go without food or go without sleep?
That’s a tough question because I’ve gone to bed hungry and slept it off, but I’ve also been too tired to eat.  I guess it all depends on whether I was doing without both of them at once, and how long it had been since I last did either one.

32. What non-alcohol beverage do you enjoy drinking the most?
Coffee, black.

33. When you walk into a room full of strangers, generally how is your confidence?
That depends on how public the situation is and how ‘strange’ the people are.  Every time I go to a restaurant I walk into a room full of strangers, but it doesn’t faze me a bit.

But I can’t imagine walking into a party or other private affair where I don’t know at least one other person; if that's the case, why am I there?

34. Does talking about sex with anyone but your lover make you uncomfortable?
Not in general, but it doesn’t come up that often.
(That’s what SHE said! LOL!)

35. Do you tend to believe members of the opposite sex mostly behave the same way?
What, like ‘all women love shoe shopping’?  That’s a terribly sexist (and separatist) way of thinking.  I see people as individuals; anything else is faulty logic.

36. Did you drink any alcohol this week? If yes, what?
Yes, I had a beer (just one, honest!) while grilling up steaks for dinner.  Helps me time the cooking.

37. Would you ever consider being a vegetarian?
I would, but bacon said it’s wrong.  You can be a vegetarian if you so choose, just don’t get between me and my bacon!

38. Do you believe that there’s always room in your heart for someone?
I think our hearts never run out of room, but sometimes our schedules run out of time.

39. Do you believe in the concept of soul mates?
I believe that particular term to be reality-challenged.  Some people just fit together exceptionally well.

40. Last week, we had a few players criticize our victim’s question. Which is fine to do and we value your opinion. Would you ever consider writing questions for Bud and me to post on a Sunday Stealing?
Sure, I’d be happy to provide you with a list of thought-provoking, soul-searching questions to use.  (Oh, and “what’s your favorite ice cream?” too… that’s important!)

41. What are your plans for this weekend?
Um, it’s a little late to answer this one (since it’s Tuesday), so I’ll just defer back to my answer for Question 25.

42. Do you think someone might be thinking poorly about you? Why might that be?
Some people reading these answers might have an off-thought or two about me.
(Why? Obviously because they’re idiots!)

42. What features don't you have that you would like on your cell?
Since I don’t have a cell phone, I suppose that would be a good place to start.  After that, I want unlimited calls to everywhere free.

43. How many people can comfortably sleep in your bed?
Our record is twenty-three.  (Just kidding!)
We have a king-sized bed, so there’s plenty of room for at least three people... why, do you know somebody? (Just kidding again!)

44. What are you hoping happens by the end of 2010?
I’m hoping that the price of gas goes back under $1.00 a gallon… or that I win the lottery, whichever comes first.

45. What was the last video you watched on YouTube?
A preview for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows.  Part 1 arrives on November 19th! (I’m going to see it at the Henry Ford IMAX Theatre in 3-D!)

46. Would you ever agree to an open relationship with someone?
Nope.  That only leads to hurt feelings somewhere down the line.  It takes a certain kind of person to have a relationship like that, and I’m not one of them (nor is my wife!)

47. Is there something that you could never give up?
(I’m going to go ahead and presume this doesn’t include relationships)  My first thought was actually beer, but I’d probably be hard-pressed to forgo coffee the rest of my life.  I could learn to do without either one, given a sufficient reason, but coffee would be the hardest to give up.

48. Would you, (or did you) prefer a small, intimate wedding reception, or a big-scale, over-the-top reception?
Smaller weddings are better in my opinion.  People feel more at ease and have more fun, plus there are fewer strangers, less pomp-and-circumstance and shorter lines at the bar.  Our wedding was a small affair and people still tell us it was the most fun they’ve ever had at a wedding.  (And we agree!)

49. What’s bothering you right now?
This meme is getting to be L-O-N-G… like doing homework with lots of essay questions!

50. Do you hate anyone?
There aren’t many people who can annoy me to the point where I’d actually care enough to start hating them.  It’s quite the concerted effort to make me hate someone.  I’m a ‘live and let live’ kind of person.
(Except for those damned cigarette butt throwers!)

51. What were you doing at 12 am last night?

52. Was this summer a good one? How warm was it where you live?
(Didn’t I already answer this?)
It was a great summer except for how friggin’ HOT it was!  Come on, Fall!

52. Is the last person you kissed before your current situation mad at you?
I have no clue whom I last kissed before I got together with my wife, and I don’t care if she's mad at me, whomever she is.

53. Can a man and woman be friends without having feelings for each other?
(This isn’t stated very clearly, so I’ll presume it means feelings of a romantic nature)

Sure, men and women can be ‘just friends’ without there being anything more to it.  BUT... if they’re both single (even sometimes not) and both straight, there’s always a possibility (even a probability) that one or both may develop an attachment to the other.  Nature works that way.

54. Do you think long distance relationships work? If you’ve had one, tell us about it.
I think, whether it takes a day or takes years, most relationships only work when the people are actually together.   If it ‘works’ when they’re never together, I question whether it’s really a relationship at all.  (I’d call them ‘friends’)

55. Do you know why it’s called “Random Boredom“?
Do I know why what is called “Random Boredom”?  This meme?  (No, I guess not)

56. Do you thing that it’s always the man’s responsibility to initiate sex?
Hell no!  I think most men like a woman to take the initiative, at least once in awhile.  (I can’t imagine not liking it!)  Men like to feel ‘wanted’ just like anybody.

57. Have you ever made love while you were in the same room with another couple?
Not that I can remember.  (Darn it!)

58. Tell us the best thing about your current or most recent S/O.
She’s a very caring person.  She goes out of her way to help others.

59. Tell us the worst thing about your current or most recent S/O.
She sometimes worries about things more than she should or needs to.

60. Would you write one question in today’s comments so that we could have our followers allow us to steal their questions?  We’ll need at least 15.
Yes, I would.  Oh, you mean right now?  Hmmmm... gimme a minute.


  1. You seem pretty satisfied with your life. I like that.

  2. long did that take you to do LOLOL. Very interesting and so much fun to find out more about you Eric...I recently did one similar so will not be doing this again, I don't think people would want to read about me again :) :) Thanks for tagging and thinking of me my friend. I really appreciate it!! Hugs x

  3. Wow, you deserve an award for making it all the way through! That was a big long list. I do love reading these, it is fun to see our blogging friends in a different light.

    Now about question 12...are you sure you don't live in Ontario? Because it sure does sound for all the world like you work for MY boss! :)


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