August 5, 2010

Orange (by Ken Nordine)

Orange  (by Ken Nordine)

Take all the colors under the sun
Only one color I think much fun
And that’s Orange

Orange I said
The silly old color who lives next to Red
The one that is orangely out of its head

That giggles and titters and rolls in the aisle
No matter what happens, guffaws all the while

Old Orange

As flip as a Heiseman coin
Or a stone skipping waterly skips

As free as a spree with a bird’s supposed to be
If a spree with a bird could be free

Why not?

An orangey bird with orangey wings
With orangey songs that it orangey sings

That orangely comes as it orangely goes
Laughing in orange from its head to its toes

When everything’s orangey, goofy like this
Trouble’s a joke, just an orangey joke

So’s sorrow and sadness and sigh
Just jokes to poke orangey pokes at

Only one trouble troubles Orange
If you please

That’s in the morning
It’s the trouble called “Squeeze”

Changing orangey Orange
Into vitamin C’s

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  1. very lovely poem,
    why don't link it in alphabe-Thursday, she visits everyone, and it fits perfectly...

    here is her link,
    so far, they have 62 participants, it is going to go up...

  2. I'd linked it to Ken Nordine's website ( at first, but now I've changed it.

  3. Well, orange you the clever one!

  4. Great pem & welcome to Rainbow Orange week!

    Have a great Rainbow Orange day,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can stop by.

  5. Love the last few stanzas...very cute.

  6. I hope everyone notices that this is the work of word-jazz poet Ken Nordine, NOT me.

    It (and "Brown" - also posted here) comes from his 1966 free-form spoken jazz album, "Colors"

    (I dig that cat's crazy skat, man... he's the kookiest!)

  7. P.S.

    If anyone is interested in hearing Ken Nordine reading these poems, just e-mail me and I'll send them to you in MP3 format.

  8. This is wonderful. I love the vitamin C's part.

  9. I'm glad you linked this to Alphabe-Thursday. It is just a great fun poem!

  10. A fresh take on orange. Nice poem!

  11. Very nice poem - smiled all the way

  12. Thanks for sharing that jazzy poem with us! Very enjoyable!

  13. Great orangy poem! Fun and well orange!

  14. WHAT?????!~!!!!!

    And entire poem out of orange.

    I am ashamed of my pathetic orange verse now.

    This was really great!

    You are super creative and I like the musical quality to your writing. It makes me want to hum along!

    Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday's summer school.

    You might already be teachers pet with this creative effort!


  15. cute poem...

    great photos, it would have been better if they were in the post and not taking us away from your blog, and then we couldn't even comment on how lovely they are without jumping thru the hoop that is WORD VERIFICATION.(Try COMMENT MODERATION instead, it allows to filter spam, without making true visitors jump thru hoops)


  16. Thanks for the tip, Susan! I didn't even realize Word Verification was turned on for my other blogs. I turned it off.

  17. Perfect for Alphabe Thursday and welcome to class.


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