August 5, 2010

Brown (by Ken Nordine)

Brown  (by Ken Nordine)

Among purists
(and you know how many purists there are)
Brown was having some difficulty.

Some of the purists wanted Brown to be more… (lively flute trilling)

Others wanted Brown to be more… (simple clarinet notes)

Still others wanted Brown to be… (mysterious harpsichord chord)

To be… basically… Brown.


A lesser color might have fallen apartm but Brown met the problem beautifully
by becoming just about as basic, just about as subtle, as you can just about get.

That’s why you hear so many people saying, “My, that’s a subtle brown.”

That’s the way it’s been ever since.

Even with a light tan…

Or sweet, dark chocolate…

Or deep brown eyes.

Next time you see Brown (any shade)






  1. Brown is a basic - huh???

    I have to admit I had to wrangle a story on this theme - usually they come readily.

    you can ck my site if you want to read a story about a girl who hates brown

  2. ha. nicely the little commentary pieces in parenthesis as well...nicely played eric...

  3. a lovely story about brown, I like the way you wove the threads - browns are basic, subtle, yes, and somehow also subtly warm

  4. simple and nice... just like the color "brown"

    nice Magpie :)

  5. I hope everyone notices that this is the work of word-jazz poet Ken Nordine, NOT me.

    It (and "Orange" - also posted here) comes from his 1966 free-form spoken jazz album, "Colors"

    (I dig that cat's crazy skat, man... he's the kookiest!)

  6. P.S.

    If anyone is interested in hearing Ken Nordine reading these poems, just e-mail me and I'll send them to you in MP3 format.

  7. Did he add music as suggested in the brackets? This was fun...and I'll never look at bittersweet chocolate quite the same way. I knew there was a reason I loved brown!

  8. Indeed! Mr. Nordine was accompanied by a studio jazz combo that provided music to go along with all 34 of the "Colors" poems.

  9. I love the way you describe brown to be... basic. LOL

  10. Interesting woven tale and now I will remember the simplicity of "brown".

    Nice TT


  11. Yeh that's me, well except the subtle bit. I'm as subtle as a sledgehammer.


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