August 18, 2010

Love Isn’t - Love Is

Love isn’t all roses and romance
Love is dandelions and daydreams

Love isn’t being a knight in shining armor
Love is getting dirt under my fingernails

Love isn’t fancy gourmet meals
Love is sharing a bowl of popcorn

Love isn’t swooning at movie vampires
Love is smiling at your still-sleepy face

Love isn’t a great big diamond ring
Love is getting your coffee just right

Love isn’t riding Cinderella’s carriage
Love is sitting together on the couch

Love isn’t some long list of demands
Love is time spent holding hands

Love isn’t found in the places we go
Love is found in the spaces between

Love isn’t getting everything you want
Love is wanting everything you’ve got


  1. Is it okay to say I loved this poem?

    And the last line is truly wise.

  2. Yes, I'm nothing if not a wise guy. :)

  3. I believe you've got it! This should be required reading for everyone, but especially today's teens who are sure they are "in love" after 2 days.


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