August 17, 2010

Force of Attraction

Stopped dead in my tracks
Unable to resist the force of her
Face curtained by rich, black tresses
Bold, dark eyes dare me to look away

A thousand visions flashing through my mind
The soft curve of shoulder, the nape of her neck
Smooth dusky skin and lips like clouds
The aching grabs me deep in my core

Now I know why sailors fall to Sirens
Why a thousand ships were launched
Why lovers leap, or poets write fire
Why the Earth itself keeps turning

I’ve gotten lost in this holy vision
Foolish and weak, but I don’t care
The world would rise and fall unnoticed
But, if I blink, I’ll miss Heaven itself



  1. Awesomeness all around, I feel a certain peace coming here. Let your talent shine my friend xx

  2. Really enjoyed this. The flow, the imagery, the emotions - lovely!

  3. Oh WOWWWW!!! This was lovely!! Your words were so full of feeling, awe and passions! Sometimes, a particular sight is so breathtaking that it totally consumes us... and you've brought this out just perfectly here!

  4. Kiss me, you fool. *smiles*
    This is a great romantic poem. I feel the heat.

  5. I totally enjoyed reading this.. awesome..

    --Someone Is Special--


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