July 21, 2010

The Line

Who am I? Just one in a long line
Each of us has their place in line
Each of us takes our turn at life

We ride the world, round and around
Circling the sun, year after year
Each a small part of a larger whole

Days and nights pass, one by one
Each person shares their days and their nights
For we are never alone in our hemispheres

The sun that warms me
is the same sun that shone
on Copernicus, Plato, Napoleon

The moon I see in the night sky
is the moon of the Incas
and forgotten souls

Both are as long ago, and both will ever be
Our forbearers toiled under that same hot sun
Yesterday’s poets drank toasts to that very moon

And generations to come
will brown their skins and kiss one another
under these same heavenly orbs

The line stretches long
perhap not long enough for some
but a place in line is guaranteed



  1. I look West, he looks East, though three hours separate. I can know that the sun or moon that lights our gaze is one and the same and in that, we are brought closer...unless his sun sets, while mine still warms. Then we stand in different lines and the world in a lonelier place.

    Beautiful poem!

  2. the moon often makes me should link up with us today at onestop...see link at my blog.

  3. hi and thanks for sharing with One Stop..i loved the line "yesterdays poets drank toasts to that very moon" our co founder moondustwriter would love that as we raise a glass to her every night!
    a good poem and thank you...cheers Pete

  4. Thank you all for the kind words; a fitting reward, for it's words that I share.

  5. Well expressed. I have thought those thoughts while gazing at that same moon that so inspired you. Nice.

  6. Ah, the Moonlady, muse for thousands of poets. I love your poem. It's awesome. Blessings!

  7. very well-expressed!!!
    I too have often looked up at the moon and stars and wondered.. how many people before me will have looked at these, and how many more will ? I still wonder.. Yes, like you said, we have our own little place in that line..
    A lovely poem!

  8. Your lines bespeak a timeless and universal appeal through the references and imagery. Enjoyed. Thanks

  9. "The sun that warms me
    is the same sun that shone
    on Copernicus, Plato, Napoleon"

    i love these lines. ah great men of the ancients.

    exquisite poem.

  10. I'll toast to all the life lived under that orb and all the loving too.

    Thanks for the wonderful poem and for being part of One Shot Wednesday

    Hug from the Moon

  11. Along that line I stand
    my place held
    but by fine threads
    tho my time
    might be long or short
    it is my time


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