July 20, 2010

Weird Verification Words

Since the response to my Weird Word Verification was so underwhelming, I decided I'd tackle it myself:

word: Definition

frinhat: Cowboy hat for French midgets

tinitenn: Din of tin cans being dragged behind a wedding car

crolon: Brand of weatherproof spray paint for crows

stryp: Holster for a cowboy's maple syrup (Home on the range!)

confial: Portraying someone in a bad light

phabido: The effect if a Viagra placebo

kylaw: Laws pertaining only to people named Kyle

gustave: An umbrella turned inside-out by a strong wind

detac: To remove a tack

blosi: Having empty stomach burps

traesuni: Latin term for feeling very alone

bantr: Witty conversation with oneself

parcess: Systematic procedure whereby a golfer always shoots par

psynes : The mental image on one’s nose

prift: Vacated space in a room after someone passes gas

singener: Person who plays the vocal track for a lip-syncher

glashom: Small dwelling for people who shouldn’t throw stones

adsaptua: Being suckered into clicking on an internet pop-up ad

fergase: What’s in Fergie’s pants

unpot: A natural herb that counteracts the effect of cannabis

minsow: Female miniature pig

amphion: Stereo brand for frogs

clingst: Thee adhering lovingly to thy lover

resticl: The one that remains after testicular cancer surgery

derperto: Accidentally making a deeply profound statement

meatutme: Ordering a steak fit for a pharaoh

dencest: To finally stop being so stupid

diturlit: Vere de Svedish go potty

ulativ: Medicine that loosens up the uvula

noridone: No more Eskimos

munbears: Why there are no more Eskimos

fischerm: Why the bears ate the Eskimos

epailier: Dipping one’s face in ice water after a meal (especially Eskimo)

sobba: What-a you a-hear at-a Italian funerals

hansmsh: When you didn’t get your hand out of a stamping press in time


P.S. - Rather than keeping a contuing list of these silly words, I'm going to start including them at the bottom of the comments I leave on others' blogs.


  1. Pretty funny. Check out Janna at the Jannaverse -

  2. I see I'm not the only one who finds these weird words fascinating. Here's her direct link: The Jannaverse

  3. This is great. I love the security verifications words. I'm especially taken with that odd coincidence when the word fits so perfectly with the post or my comment on it.

  4. Haha!! Love it. I once posted a few of my own as well, but these are true definitely got a chuckle out of me on more than a couple. :)

  5. Yay!
    These are great.
    My two favorites are:

    kylaw: Laws pertaining only to people named Kyle


    diturlit: Vere de Svedish go potty

    Great minds DO think alike. :)
    I've had this recurring feature ("The Jannapedia") on my blog for quite awhile now.
    It's fun, isn't it? And addictive!

    Thanks for visiting!


    check to see if you would like to take one or two awards from there and share with poets who appreciate your work…
    Happy Tuesday!


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