July 9, 2010

The Felled Tree


Wanting more room, my neighbor was
cutting down his backyard tree.

Such an ordeal!

Ropes pulling!
Chainsaws buzzing!
Burly men barking!
Large branches dropping!

Finally, the huge trunk met the ground.

I wondered how old a tree that large might be.

So I counted the rings…

… 31… 32… 33!

(Betcha thought I’d say 55!)



  1. "Burly men barking." I love that! Good one.

  2. haha. totally though it was going to be 55...looks a might bit older...wonder how much it has seen...nice 55.

    mine is up!

  3. tis more that the tree had a broken heart... Gone for romantic tragedy today. Click here to read my 55 story.

  4. just 33? I wish it could live to be 55ve!

  5. Thank You Paul Bunyan.
    Who was actually a Michigan creation!!
    First appeared in an Oscoda Paper I do believe.
    Maybe The Detroit Times...I forget.
    And I'm too lazy to Google it.


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