July 8, 2010


I’m just an old scrap of paper
Worn edges frayed
Coffee-stained yellow
Sitting on the edge of my bed

Slumped and bent over, sagging
Not sharply folded like some important letter
Nor neatly creased like an origami swan
More like a crumpled wad of disregarded thought

Once written upon with brilliant prose
A promise of something new and grand
But those thoughts derailed and jumped the track
Then I was turned aside and left behind

Tiny tears appeared, something got spilled
Soon the constant erasing had worn me through
Now no measure of erasure can re-whiten my page
Permanently marred by the mistakes in the past

I’m just a crumpled-up ball
An old scrap headed for the trash can
Bounced off the rim and hit the floor
Just bad aim, nothing more


  1. Thanks, MM!

    (Wow! Somebody actually read something else here BESIDES a 55!)


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    please feel free to take any of them

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  3. That last verse was really powerful. Nicely done.


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