July 9, 2010

Seven Sisters


At the final passing of night
in those last stars to fade
dwell the Seven Sisters
fabled Muses of the sky

Those who toil and sweat
to hone their sharpest edge
for these fortunate few
they descend and bless

The lack-luster efforts
of the lazy and uncaring
meet with no rewards
as the Sisters shun them

The Seven respect passion
they wait to inspire and encourage the true
but have no time for apathy or sloth
and those who only seek glory and riches

So woo whichever Sister you would
with a pure heart and full hands
For their love is hard-won
and provides riches beyond compare



  1. Nice poem and I love the one you did on Paper!

    Thanks for stopping by my place and taking the time to comment. :)

  2. Thank you as well, Akelamalu!

    (I've been to Hawaii... it was awesome!)


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