July 22, 2010

Empathy Hurts


My back just felt a sudden strain
Just why I am not certain
I think it’s sympathetic pain
For I heard you were hurtin’

I’m bent a bit, it’s hard to stand
I feel my muscles wrenching
I need a chiropractor and
Some pills to stop them clenching

I cannot stoop to tie my shoes
They’re too far down for grabbing
It’s even hard to take a snooze
With all this painful stabbing

I try my best to empathize
Whenever my friends suffer
But now I have to emphasize:
I wish my back was tougher!



  1. Me too! It could make my camping trip this weekend a bit of a chore.

  2. I was actually getting better until the night before we left. Then my back pain flared up something fierce. I could hardly help put away the camper and gear and the long ride home was just miserable. I went to the doctor later that day and was given a shot for the pain, plus some pain pills and muscle relaxers. I finally came back to work today, but I shoulda stayed home. Now I'm trying to find a comfortable podition to sit (there are none) and I'm counting the minutes. I've gotta get better before this weekend's big BBQ at our house. Ow.


    hope that you have a smiling day!
    Enjoy if you like some...

    stay well!


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