July 22, 2010

Heart Strings (55)

Some hearts have one string
 their Love vibrates near
Resonating at a frequency
 that only one can hear

Some hearts are six-stringed
 their Love is like a song
Ever-changing music
 played for all who'll sing along

Some hearts have a thousand strings
 sensitive and responding
To the faintest high vibration
 or the deepest profound thrumming


  1. Thank you, MZ!

    It was something I'd written awhile back and just happened to be 55 words exactly!

  2. ah. beautiful thought...i wonder can we add strings as we go along...smiles. glad i was not the only early 55 is up!

  3. I echo Brian's my life's journey it has felt as I have added a few along the way.

  4. Eric...
    Sorry Bro, I didn't see you were up, I usually don't go back to past post comments.
    Your 55's were all very touching and Kick Ass!
    You are an amazing talent, and a good soul.
    Thanks for all of your support, and I hope you had a fun Week-End...Galen

  5. wise words, your image is breath taking...

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