June 10, 2010

Theme Thursday: Candy


Candy cane, candy heart
Candy cigarette

Candy sweet, candy bright
Candy's what you get

Candy sour, candy tart
Candy all day long

Candy day, candy night
Candy's teeth are gone!



  1. I remember candy necklaces that tasted like sweet tarts. After munching away at our 'jewelry' all day, we'd then have 'grandma beads' around our neck and have to have them scrubbed with Lava soap. Ah, memories. The good old days before air conditioning, video games, or videos. We played so hard in the heat, we were filthy by suppertime. Sweeeeeeeeet post! LOL!

  2. I was riding on a high wave, and then along came your last sentence. Reminded me of my dentist...
    Well one! :)

  3. I like my posts like I like my Cuba Libres - with a twist!

  4. my teeth hurt just reading

  5. i forgot about candy cigarettes. my mom always hated when i had those!

  6. You've gotta wonder at the morals of the guy who invented candy cigarettes.


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