November 21, 2013

Trending 55

I’m starting a popular trend
Upon which our lives will depend
But only for a short while
Until it goes back out of style

It will be the latest thing to do
And all of your friends will do it too
I will create the next big craze
To disappear in just a few days

I'm joining in the fun with G-Man's Flash Friday 55 challenge.  You can join in the fun as well!  

Check it out here:


  1. Eric...
    Don't forget to comment on my 55 so that folks know you've written TWO in a row!
    I'm really glad to see you back playing lots of people missed you.
    Btw... You aren't thinking about bringing back the Nehru jacket are you?
    Loved your trendy 55
    Thanks for playing. Have a Kick Ass Week End

    1. Hmm, I don't know... Nehru jackets WERE pretty cool... nah, I could never pull it off with my physique.

  2. I'm sure whatever craze you start, it will be a lot of fun! Glad you're back to the Friday 55 Funfest.

  3. So this is the new trend? Lol, I hope it catches on!

  4. I will be sure to look for your new trend!! May it last a bit longer than the 'pet rock' trend some years back! LOL.

  5. A little something new is a good thing.


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