October 7, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 7: Watcher


I feel something watching me
Through my window, by the tree
I wonder what it hopes to see?

I go and close the curtain
Feeling sickly and uncertain
Fear has my stomach hurtin’

Suddenly there came a knock
Like someone had thrown a rock
My mind now going into shock

I swallow hard twice and then I go
Walking slowly to the window
Pull back the curtain an inch or so

It’s just my friend!  I heave a sigh
I didn’t know he was coming by
But what’s that twinkle in his eye?

And then I see his pointed fangs
A drop of blood from each one hangs
I close the curtain and still he bangs

He can’t come in without my okay
And he won’t be getting that, no way!
Now I just wish he would go away

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