October 31, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 31: Hallowe’en


As black as pitch, the shadow of a witch
Riding her broom across the full moon
A cold wind’s kiss, a black cat’s hiss
Foretelling of doom that’s to come soon

Bats fill night skies as the vampires rise
Feeling a great thirst; it’s October thirty-first
In the darkest gloom the mummy wakes in his tomb
To those who are cursed he will soon do his worst

The werewolves howl and the monsters growl
Dark shadows teem as ghosts and ghouls scream
Pull shut the curtain, feeling doom is certain
But, as in a dream, this is not what it may seem

Jack-O-Lantern candles burn
Casting bright their shapes of light
Wee goblins go wand’ring to and fro
Bringing fright unto this night

Before each door, the call of yore
As they repeat ”Trick or treat!”
Mischief’s in store should you ignore
Bogeys petite asking sweets to eat

One may partake of a savory soul cake
Or small loaf of bread to honor the dead
Just do not ask who’s behind the mask
Names full of dread are best left unsaid

Soon those wee haunts will finish their taunts
They don’t really mean to cause such a scene
But that’s just the way of this dark holiday
And this really has been one grand Hallowe’en


  1. That sums up Halloween so well.

  2. Love your poem. It really was a good Halloween. Will you countdown to Thanksgiving?

    1. I'm supposed to be doing NaNoWriMo, so I think I'll be too busy.


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