October 22, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 22: Carving


Halloween looming so near to my heart
Time once again for my carving to start

Sharp implement is a definite must
One that will penetrate deep with each thrust

My carving canvas I choose with great care
One with plump roundness, skin smooth and fair

That first vital cut is done clean and quick
A visceral portal to innards so slick

Once the gooey guts are all cleaned out
It’s time to show what my carving’s about

I start with the eyes – be they happy or sad?
Or show great surprise?  Are they frightened or mad?

Sometimes I cut out the nose; other times not
It all will depend on the purpose I’ve got

But the mouth is the most important thing of all
With great grinning teeth or lips puckered small

A few more details, but these matter least
And soon I have carved out a new masterpiece!

This annual rite I perform without fail
If the cops ever catch me, they’ll put me in jail

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