October 16, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 16: Just A Few Blocks Away

Just A Few Blocks Away

I remember
Way back
When I was in
The fifth grade

One day
After school
I rode my bike
To a friend’s house

I had never been
To his neighborhood
But he told me
How to get there

We goofed around
Doing stuff boys do
Like breaking sticks
And throwing dirt clods

But soon it started
Getting dark
And I had to head home
For supper

I rode back through
His subdivision
With curving streets
That intertwined

But I took a wrong turn
Or maybe went too far
And soon I was lost
On unfamiliar streets

I circled round and round
Hoping I might see
The familiar street names
That I’d know for years

But their names were all strange
Like Lone Pine Court
And North Hidden Way
And the sun kept sinking down

The wind buffeted my ears
As I pedaled my bike hard
Turning this way and that
Trying to recall where I’d been

The streetlights were coming on
And on the corner ahead
I saw a street sign
With a familiar name

I knew this street ran
Right by my school
But I wasn’t sure
Which way to turn

Left or right?
Neither way looked
Very promising
As shadows loomed

I went to the left
Vowing to ride four blocks
And then turn around
If it didn’t seem right

Just before the fourth block
I saw my school
And the playground
Where we played kickball

And I then realized
Though I had felt so lost
That I had really been
Just a few block away

Relief washed over me
And newfound speed
As I pedaled excitedly
In the direction of home

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