October 13, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 13: What Shall I Be For Halloween?

What Shall I Be For Halloween?

“What shall I be for Halloween?”
A most important consideration
For it matters how one will be seen
At least in a child’s estimation

Some kids go for the same old things
A pirate, princess, or super hero
But anyone who’s earned their bat wings
Knows that stuff rates a big fat zero

Halloween’s a time for fright
You need to dress up scary
A creeping ghoul or floating ghost
Or something big and hairy

No self-respecting goblin would
Be caught dead wearing a cape
That sort of thing is just no good
You need some claws to scrape

A scary witch or monster foul
That’s the kind of thing to be
Vampire fangs and a black cowl
As frightening as one can be

When it gets dark, it’s time to go
Scaring up and down the street
Knock on doors to let them know
With cries of “Trick or treat!”

But going out while it’s still light
Makes it hard to leave your mark
And those who do Halloween right
Know that it’s best to wait ‘til dark

So don’t go out in costumes bright
Or dressed-up like a circus clown
Because the evil spirits might
Just run you straight outta town

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