October 12, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 12: Dolls


The quiet old lady who lives on the corner
Has a large collection of dolls in her home
Her picture window features many of them
And there are others on shelves and tables
She has them in every room of her house
Hundreds, perhaps thousands, everywhere
With small pretty glass eyes blankly staring
And long flowing locks of shining curly hair
Wearing pretty dresses of crushed velvet
And old fashioned pale chiffon and sateen
The quiet little lady is surrounded by them
Sees them no matter which way she turns
Sees their shining eyes always observing
Quietly and constantly watching every move
She moves quietly from one room to another
Unable to escape the staring eyes of the dolls
She is held prisoner by their constant gazing
Never allowed to leave the dolls alone and
Unable to cry out for someone to help her
And she knows it would simply do no good
For the dolls want her to stay there forever

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